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Q. What is Multi-zone?

  • Multi-zone is characterized by networks and data centers which are physically separated in each country-specific region.
  • In Multi-zone, configuring either redundancy or HA is available for high availability and continuity. DR zone also can be configured.
  • At present, NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM Multi-zone is targeted only for Korea region but the service will be extended to the rest of the regions in the coming years.

Q. How is NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM Multi-zone formed?

  • Multi-zone is Korea region is represented by networks connecting data centers, which are physically separated form each other (KR-1 and KR-2).
  • The Multi-zone service infrastructure will be provided zone by zone or region by region depending on the service.
    • For such infrastructure services as server and storage, an independent infrastructure has been established for each zone.
    • For such services as security, application, and management, an infrastructure has been built region by region.
  • By using load balancers provided region by region, you can duplicate the server between and among Multi-zone.
    • While, in Multi-zone, you can be provided with either private or public network bandwidth for each zone, you can use the same IP bandwidth with a load balancer.

Q. What is in the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM Multi-zone service?

  • Zone : Services available zone by zone
  • Region : Services available region by region (That is, the common services across the zone)
  • Global : Services available in the global region (That is, the common services across the region)
Services KR-1 KR-2(New) Coverage Remarks
Compute Server Available Available Zone
SSD Server Available Available Zone
GPU Server Available Available Zone
Virtual Dedicated Server Available Available Zone
My Server Image Available (Common) Region
Storage Snapshot Available (Common) Region
Auto Scaling Available Available Zone It can be created in another zone.
Storage Object Storage Available (Common) Region
Block Storage Available Available Zone Either HDD or SSD is provided and you can both detach and attach.
NAS Available Available Zone It can be mounted to a server in another zone.
Backup Available Available Zone
Network Load Balancer Available (Common) Region It supports redundancy between zones.
DNS Available Available Zone
Global Internet Service Available Not Available Zone
CDN+ Available (Common) Region This is KR--only.
Global CDN Available (Common) Global
IPsecVPN Available Available Zone Private Subnet and Network Interface should be configured in advance.
Global Route Manager Available (Common) Global
NAT Gateway Available (Common) Region
Database Cloud DB Available Available Zone KR-2 is under review for release.
MSSQL Available Available Zone
MySQL Available Available Zone
CUBRID Available Available Zone
Redis Available Available Zone
PostgreSQL Available Available Zone
MariaDB Available Available Zone
Services KR-1 KR-2(New) Coverage Remarks
Management Monitoring Available (Common) Global
Sub Account Available (Common) Global
Web service Monitoring System Available (Common) Global
Analytics Cloud Log Analytics Available (Common) Global
RUA Available (Common) Global
Effective Log Search & Analytics Available (Common) Global
Security Basic Security Available Available Zone
ACG Available Available Zone
App Safer Available (Common) Global
Site Safer Available (Common) Global
File Safer Available (Common) Global
Security Monitoring Available (Common) Region Managed service
SSL VPN Available (Common) Global
Web Security Checker Available (Common) Global
System Security Checker Available (Common) Global
App Security Checker Available (Common) Global
Compliance Guide Available (Common) Global
Key Management Service Available (Common) Global
Application Service GeoLocation Available (Common) Region This is KR--only.
Maps Available (Common) Global
CAPTCHA Available (Common) Global
nShortURL Available (Common) Global
Simple & Easy Notification Service Available (Common) Region This is KR--only.
API Gateway Available (Common) Global
Search Trend Available (Common) Global
RabbitMQ Available (Common) Global
Services KR-1 KR-2 Coverage Remarks
AI Service CSR Available (Common) Global
CSS Available (Common) Global
CFR Available (Common) Global
Papago NMT Available (Common) Global
Papago Korean Name Romanizer Available (Common) Global
TensorFlow Server Available Available Region
Biz Application WORKPLACE Available (Common) Region
Dev Tools Jenkins Available (Common) Global
SourceCommit Available (Common) Global
Hybrid Private Cloud Available Not Available Zone Managed service

Q. How can I use the Multi-zone?

  • Access the portals and / or Consoles and follow the next steps to use the service.


  1. Look up available services zone by zone : Identify each service and its feature which is available to use from Multi-zone.
  2. Configure services for each zone : Configure redundancy for Multi-zone considering the importance of each service (You can also use a single zone).
  3. Provide a service : Provide a service which has been configured in Multi-zone or in a single zone.

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